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Juniors Project - Primary 6 & 7

The Juniors Project was the birth of the charity and was started back in 2008 with just some forty children and two schools taking part. Last year over 50 schools registered with some 2,000 students

Six Regions

Over the years the project has grown. Last year the Juniors project covered three regions; The Lothians, West of Scotland (Glasgow to Ayr) and Tayside & Fife. For the next academic year six regions will run - Lothian, Falkirk, Glasgow, Ayrshire, Central and Tayside & Fife. Details of each can be found here.

This is a cross-curricular project which uses a court case to encompass a range of class room subjects - from art to journalism, debating and writing skills, to name just a few. Last years project centred around poor Mrs Telfer, a pensioner, who asked her grandson to get a new battery for her aged mobile telephone. For whatever reason Mrs Telfer ended up with a new phone - and a new contract. Who was at fault, Mrs Telfer, her grandson or the phone provider, All Talk Communications t/a Talk 'n Txt? Throughout, the students had to battle an invoice which contains errors, a 'best plan' offer, a contract, correspondence and legislation that encompasses two jurisdictions

While a new project is being written for the next academic year, elements of past years will remain; producing art work and newspapers at various intervals that reflect their progress and the making of gowns before presenting their case to a real Sheriff by way of making submissions and using witnesses and productions

However, the project has very little in fact to do with the law. It is about being able to extrapolate the facts from fiction, being able to tell a story without distraction or waffle. Being articulate and concise and using all available resources to convince the Sheriff that their client, whether they be the Pursuer or the Defender is right and Judgement should be granted in their favour

Tutorials by solicitors, paralegals and advocates

To help the children, teachers will attend a training session prior to the start of their project in order that they can prepare. The project will then send in tutors (sometimes by video link), one for the Defenders and one for the Pursuers, three times over the length of the project. For the first visit, tutors will introduce the project and the wealth of material contained on this website and

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thereafter split the group to show them how to prepare and serve their claim for money (initial writ by Pursuers) and for Defenders, how to deny monies are due (draft and intimate defences). The second visit will teach the children how to adjust their side of the story and to look carefully at their witnesses and productions. Each side will have to look at the arguments and answers from the other side and if appropriate, address these before the 'story book' closes. The final visit - to prepare for court. Throughout the visits, the tutors will also encourage the children with their other roles.

Parents will be able to gain an understanding of what we do by attending a parents nights early on in the project. They will also be able to attend the intermediary trials and the finals*

A specialty day will be arranged in each region where guest speakers will be invited to address the children. Last year we had speakers covering areas such as robe making, taxation, mobile phones, newspapers and being a politician.

Students will receive support from their teaching staff, their tutors, the website and the team of professionals behind the project via the website forum. Students can often be found helping others and sharing ideas through the forum.