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Registrations for the Mock Court Competition are now open for the next academic year, but with spaces limited, will close again shortly. See below for more details.

What we do

Away Day 2015, Petrofac, Montrose

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East of Scotland & West of Scotland


Students go before real judges in real courts

During the past eight years the project has continued to grow. Now entering its ninth year the project spans six regions across Southern and Central Scotland. The organisers offer projects to both primary school students (P6 - P7) and those attending secondary (S3-S6).


During the last academic year some 60 tutors visited primary schools while another 12 tutors were involved in the Seniors project. Over 20 Sheriffs (judges) sat to hear 51 trials in the Sheriff Courts in Edinburgh and Dundee as well as the High Court in Glasgow and the Court of Session in Edinburgh. The finals for the Juniors were presided over by The Rt Hon Sir David Edward, Judge Ian Forrester QC,a judge in the General Court of the European Union, in Luxembourg and The Hon Lord Iain Armstrong is a Senator of the Supreme Court of Scotland, at Central Hall in Edinburgh. The Seniors Award Ceremony was held in the Signet Library, hosted by the WS Society and the presentation attended by the Lord Justice Clerk, Lady Dorrian and senior officials from BTO, Clyde Á Co and Chamberlain McBain.


The Registration fee this year has been halved following sponsorship from both the WS Society and the Chartered Institute of Credit Management (CICM).


Seniors School Project

The Senior’s project is open to all students from S3 – S6 and runs over seven weekly tutorials, followed by court trials. The project is demanding, pushing each member of the team which is made up from four to eight students - being solicitors, witnesses, researchers and/or writers. Each school must submit two teams, one Defenders and the other Pursuers.


The case surrounds a personal injury type action, a claim for a death, injuries and loss of earnings. The students have to work through a mountain of paperwork to try and ascertain the relevant facts and then consider the law applicable. They will have access to their tutors each week as well as over a secure forum. In addition, experts are brought in to help them understand medical and financial elements.


Following the success of introducing experts last year, we are extending the number of experts to cover fields such as engineering, forensics, prosthetics ... and more. We are arranging an 'Away Day', which will be free, to add to the sense of realism and to add to the learning


The tutorials start late August and run for around 90 minutes each week before the trials in the Court of Session and the High Court in Glasgow - which are spread out over three/four evenings. Thereafter, finals will take place the following weekend and a black-tie Awards Ceremony will follow in the Signet Library, hosted by the WS Society.

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Not in your area? Subject to demand and the availability of tutors, we might be able run the project in your area. Please call the administration department for further details


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