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Seniors Project - S3 through S6

Up to 3 Projects

The Seniors, unlike the Juniors Project, is run outwith school hours and from 2018/2019 academic year the number of programmes will expand significantly, with the addition of Aberdeen, Ayr and Inverness. The tutorials run for 7 weeks, starting late August, from 4.30pm to 6pm before intermediary trials during the last week of October in courts within each school's region. The semi-finals will take place in Glasgow and the finals will be heard in the Lord President's Court (Court of Session) before The Rt. Hon Lady Dorrian, The Lord Justice Clerk - Scotland's second most senior judge. After the Finals all students gather for the black-tie Awards Ceremony in the Signet Library in early November.

The Senior's project is much more academic. The roles of gown maker, artist etc have been removed and the size of each team is reduced to between four to eight students. This upcoming academic year sees the introduction of more disciplines to work with covering a range of professional areas, from medicine to prosthetics, to bio-chemistry, neuroscience and the environment. Each school must submit two teams (or a multiple thereof), one Defender and the other Pursuer, although these teams compete against other schools, not each other.

The case surrounds a personal injury type action and a possible claim for injuries and loss of earnings. The students have to work through a mountain of paperwork to try and ascertain the relevant facts and then consider the law applicable. Students have access to their tutors each week as well as over a secure forum. Students are also offered an opportunity to an 'Away Day' to add to the realism of the project. This visit enables the students to learn not only the science behind the project but, subject to the weather etc., see it in action.

This is an extremely demanding project in that students are expected to not only attend weekly tutoring sessions and the trials, but also to carry out a great deal of work outwith these times and to submit documents (via the website) timeously.

We have been very fortunate this year in obtaining sponsorship form the Chartered Institute of Credit Management (CICM) and the WS Society. This has enabled the participation fee to be halved. Details of the fee and how to register are available from our Administration Team.

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Studies Programme - NEW

This is being trialed in Edinburgh, and if successful, will be rolled out to other regions in Scotland, although some schools have already asked for Skype type access for this year (being considered). This year we have been extremely fortunate to have two advocates who will tutors legal studies and two lecturers (one from St Andrews University and the other Dundee) to teach neuroscience. Both courses will run for eight weeks.

Students do not have to be enrolled in the Mock Court Programme to take part in the Studies Programme



Following the very successful trip to the Hague in January 2018, where a selected team were taken to compete against some 13 other countries, the Charity are keen to embark on further international programmes, where by inviting countries here or visiting abroad. At the time of writing, we are in the process of taking students to New York to compete with an American Team in their Federal Courts.

International competitions are only open to students taking part in either the Mock Court Programme or the Studies Programme and may have to go through a selection process.