International Debating Project

Debating Sensitive Subjects of the Day in an Unusual Way

Often, we see people taking a position or stance contrary to their neighbours. Sometimes such a stance is based on ignorance, lack of understanding, social settings or influences, or misinformation. Sometimes it is simply the inability to listen, status quo or apathy.

Participants will be challenged by a controversial and current debate topic and receive lectures from passionate speakers for both opposing sides. Debating teams will be assigned at random and will provide the chance to engage with individuals of different backgrounds, cultures and values from across the world.

Each debate programme will run over a total of 6 weeks - 4 weekly lectures with 2 weeks to prepare for the live debate. Participants will engage with these lectures without knowing which side they are assigned to debate until the lectures have all taken place. Participants will also be required to include productions to support their position, which could include legislation, research, newsclips or anything of some authority.


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DEBATE: Is the UN still Relevant


Tutorials commence 4.30pm UK time. Actual debates - see timetable on login

13 Mar 2023
Programme Starts

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21 Mar 2023
First Lecture

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28 Mar 2023
Second Lecture

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04 Apr 2023
Third Lecture

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18 Apr 2023
Fourth and last Lecture

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Debates run (see timetable for details - week commencing)