Juniors Project

For Senior Primary School Students

We send in tutors (sometimes by video link), one for the Defenders and one for the Pursuers, three times over the length of the project. For the first visit, tutors will introduce the project and the wealth of material contained on this website and thereafter split the group to show them how to prepare and serve their claim for money (initial writ by Pursuers) and for Defenders, how to deny monies are due (draft and intimate defences). The second visit will teach the children how to adjust their side of the story and to look carefully at their witnesses and productions. Each side will have to look at the arguments and answers from the other side and if appropriate, address these before the 'story book' closes. The final visit - to prepare for court. Throughout the visits, the tutors will also encourage the children with their other roles.


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Juniors Mock Court West 2 Programme


Tutorials are week commencing
Date and time agreed between school and tutors

23 Dec 2022
Programme Starts

Time to ensure students are registered on the system

23 Jan 2023
First Tutorial (week commencing)

Introduction to case for Pursuer and Defenders

06 Feb 2023
Defences Due

To be uploaded as per timetable so as to avoid penalties

20 Feb 2023
Second Tutorial (week commencing)

In teams consider opposing teams position and prepare answers by way of adjustment and look at witnesses and productions in support

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06 Mar 2023
Adjustments Due

Upload Adjustments to beef-up position and answer opponents

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13 Mar 2023
Third Visit

In terms to consider final position consider witnesses and productions and prepare for court

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20 Mar 2023
Witness and Productions Lists

Upload witness and production lists

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See Diary

Attend Court (see timetable for details - week commencing)

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See Diary

Award Ceremony

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