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About Us

The founder is Gerald Murphy who looked at the Parental Involvement Act (Scotland) and the then new Curriculum for Excellence from a parents perspective. Recalling schooling of old, the desire was to integrate a project into the schools that our young people would enjoy without realising they were learning and that had an aim that would surpass what is not ordinarily available to inspire students

About the Project

During each academic year some 100+ schools from across Scotland together with many from around the World, register in the mock court (juniors and seniors), debating and World Education programmes encompassing circa 3,000 students. The charity provides over 100 tutors/lecturers, passionate speakers, experts and countless judges in delivery of the programmes which are a mix of in-person and virtual. As part of the overall inclusion policy and with an emphasis on cross-curricular, children are encouraged to use as many skills as possible. In addition to taking on roles as solicitors, students are encouraged to be (where applicable) artists, robe-makers, drafters, mathematicians, researchers, journalists and witnesses, thereby allowing entire teams/classes to take part.


Tutors / Lecturers

Each academic year we call upon over 100 tutors and lectures to help guide the students through their various programmes, whether it be law, medicine, forensics or one of the many debating programmes.


Judges from all over the World preside over trials and debates, helping not only to score but to give an insight how articulate an argument.

Court Clerks / Volunteers

Throughout the year we need the services of court clerks, time keepers, Bar Officers and others to ensure the smooth running of the programme.


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Debates Programmes

12 Mock Court Programmes
16 Countries
21000 Participants from Inception

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