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Seniors Debating Programme

Often, we see people taking a position or stance contrary to their neighbours. Sometimes such a stance is based on ignorance, lack of understanding, social settings or influences, or misinformation. Sometimes it is simply the inability to listen, status quo or apathy.

This year Mock Court will be piloting a virtual International Debating Competition. Participants will be challenged by a controversial and current debate topic and receive lectures from passionate speakers for both opposing sides. Debating teams will be assigned at random and will provide the chance to engage with individuals of different backgrounds, cultures and values from across the world.

Each debate programme is expected to run over a total of 6 weeks – 4 weekly lectures with 2 weeks to prepare for the live debate. Participants will engage with these lectures without knowing which side they are assigned to debate until the lectures have all taken place. Participants will also be required to include productions to support their position, which could include legislation, research, newsclips or anything of some authority.

Scoring will be a little unusual as 30% of the score will come from the live audience, proportioned as per their voting. The balance coming from the panel of judges. The winners will be the team with the highest overall score.

As this is currently a pilot programme there will be no participation fee.

Debate 1

Should We Rid the World of Plastics

The programme will run over a total of 6 weeks – 4 weekly lectures with 2 weeks to prepare for the live debate. Each team will consist of 5 or 6 speakers. Lectures will focus on various core subjects that are connected to the debate topic such as maths, science, enviromental and medicine.

While the first speaker is able to debate like in any other debate, the following speakers will be 'specialists' debating on in terms of maths, science, environment and mankind. The final speaker will sum up.

Timetable can be found HERE

For School & Individual Student Applications go HERE

Debate 2

Judiciary Should be Independent of Government

A more traditional style debate, but again including lectures from prominent and passionate speakers, widening, rather than narrowing the areas of debate.

The programme will run over a total of 6 weeks – 4 weekly lectures with 2 weeks to prepare for the live debate. Each team will consist of 4 or 5 speakers.

Timetable can be found HERE

For School & Individual Student Applications go HERE

Organisers & Judging Panel

Gerald Murphy

  • School Mock Court Case Project SCIO
  • Scotland
  • Chair of the Board of Trustees | Founder

Dorota Zabłudowska

  • District Court Judge | SSP Iustitia
  • Poland
  • Judge and spokesman of the Gdańsk Branch of the SSP Iustitia, member of the Board of the SSP Iustitia

Ann-Kathrin Slupek

  • Department for Education and Sport of the City of Munich
  • Germany
  • Department of International Educational

Alice Egerton

  • Chamberlain McBain | School Mock Court Case Project SCIO
  • Scotland
  • Paralegal | Organiser




Debate Rules are HERE

Speakers / Lecturers

David Azoulay

  • Center for International Environmental Law (CIEL)
  • Switzerland
  • French attorney who studied public international law in France and Spain before specializing in environmental law. Leads CIEL’s nanotechnology project and co-leads their plastic work, examining the environmental health aspects of it and coordinating civil society’s engagement in global policies forum such as the United Nation Environment Assembly (UNEA) and the Basel Convention.
  • Debate Plastics

Paul Cruikshank

  • Solicitor
  • Scotland
  • Qualified solicitor working in a high street firm in Glasgow. Worked with the Law Society for around 5/6 years in the development and Growth of the Street Law program. In the most recent years, has been in developing lessons and training the Street Law Trainers who go into schools to take Street Law Lessons.
  • Debate Judiciary

David Dickson

  • Scottish Sentencing Council
  • Scotland
  • Was a defence solicitor and prosecutor and now works at the Scottish Sentencing Council which prepares guidelines for judges to take into account when sentencing. Also a long-standing judge in the Law Society’s Dewar Debate competition.
  • Debate Judiciary

Dr Marshall Garrett

  • Honorary Senior Lecturer in Medicolegal Medicine at Glasgow University
  • Scotland
  • Senior Lecturer in Medicolegal Medicine at Glasgow University and a Medical Expert Witness for nearly 30 years, with a background in trauma, both civilian and military.
  • Debate Plastics

Morwen Mands

  • Highland Spring
  • Scotland
  • Chartered Certified Accountant, previously Finance Manager at SSE. Been with Highland Spring since 2015 and recently promoted to the role of Head of Sustainability.
  • Debate Plastics

Amy Meek

  • Kids Against Plastics
  • England
  • Her charitable body raises awareness of plastic pollution and single-use plastic. To date, Kids Against Plastic have collected over 90,000 pieces of single-use plastic litter (and developed an app to log it!), conducted a TEDx talk, and launched several successful campaigns, including converting over 900 'Plastic Clever' Schools and some 50 cafes, businesses, festivals and even councils to operate as ‘Plastic Clever’.
  • Debate Plastics

Les Montgomery

  • Highland Spring
  • Scotland
  • An Accountant by trade, joined the firm in 1985, became Finance Director in 1993 and Chief Executive in 2008. Plastic water bottles made from polyethylene terephthalate – known as PET, but aims to have 50% made by recycled materials by 2022. Their green glass bottles contain at least 80% recycled glass. Plastic and Glass bottles 100% recyclable.
  • Debate Plastics

Iver Ørstavik

  • Rafto Foundation for Human Rights
  • Norway
  • Previously a university lecturer at Department of philosophy, University of Bergen whose field of academic competence is the modern tradition of German philosophy from Kant to Habermas, but also knowledgeable about political theory more broadly conceived, including general political philosophy, sociology of law and politics and human rights. Senior Advisor to the Rafto Foundation and Heads the partnership engagement with their recent laureates (Kashmir 2017 and Poland 2018)
  • Debate Judiciary

Laurent Pech

  • Middlesex University
  • England
  • Professor of European Law, Jean Monnet Chair of European Public Law (2014-17) and Head of the Law and Politics Department at Middlesex University London. Also a Visiting Professor of Law at Bordeaux University, an expert for eLabEurope, and a member of the editorial board of the Hague Journal on the Rule of Law as well as a member of the scientific board of the Montesquieu Law Review. specialises in EU Public Law and has lectured in a variety of subjects including EU Constitutional Law, EU Internal Market Law, EU Competition Law and EU Fundamental Rights Law.
  • Debate Judiciary

Doug Skinner

  • Greenpeace
  • England
  • Studied Marine Biology and worked in Human Genetics research at Queen Mary University before working in the pharma and medical industries. Interests: Marine Life, Climate Emergency, GM, Solutions.
  • Debate Plastics

Andrew Stevenson

  • Solicitor Advocate
  • Scotland
  • Former president of the Glasgow Bar Association and currently secretary of the Scottish Law Agents Society. Practises widely in virtually all areas of civil litigation and has appeared in both the Court of Session and many sheriff courts. Also an assistant editor of the Scottish Law Gazette and a columnist for The Scotsman newspaper.
  • Debate Judiciary

Sian Sutherland

  • Plastic Planet
  • England
  • Multi-award winner, including Female Marketer of the Year, CEW Achiever Award, Entrepreneur of the Year and British Inventor of the Year. Lobbied for new laws banning export of plastic waste, plastic taxes and the creation of the first PlasticFree.com materials and solutions library with blockchain partner IBM.
  • Debate Plastics